IMAGE-P1 : Wechat Photo Printer


Adprint is an innovative Wechat Photo Printer
Adprint F1-Wechat Photo Printer

The latest Adprint-F1 – Wechat Photo Printer is a state-of-art interactive medium which engage your audience in a fun & innovative way. Simply Elegant Design; it’s built with 22’inch LG LCD monitor which project a Vivid colors and detailed images and text. It’s configured with the latest EPSON printer which provides ultra-low-cost printing thanks to its high-capacity ink tanks. It’s also easy to set-up and produces consistent and fast results with 10ppm print speeds.

Innovative System

ADPRINT-F1 is equipped with CLOUND CMS System; which user can update the screen content anyplace & anytime! F1 not only help to grow your Wechat official Account follower; while it also helps you to freeze your crowd to stop by your kiosk/exhibition/retail shop for the photo printing. In the meantime; audience can watch the promotion video from the screen.

Outstanding Performance

It operates with Linux Open Source System which ensures the stability &
the performance of F1, in-build 2gb memory can support high-definition
visual&video can carry multitask photo printing in the same time.



You can choose either Epson L310/L805 series inkjet printer; well-known with high-speed printing with vivid printing output. Perhaps most importantly; it’s cost effective with ultra-low refill ink pack and environmental friendly.

Photo Preserve Memories

Pictures are not only worth a thousand words, but also the precious memories embedded into them.
With P1 Wechat Photo Printer, we can insert your promotional detail, discount code & message on the bottom part of the polaroid style picture. Making your event more success is the only reason why we are here!

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Adprint-F1 Wechat Photo Printer demo session